Mobile Laser Pursuit
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Mobile laser tag in progress

What is Mobile Laser Pursuit?
Mobile Laser Pursuit is a new and exciting, state of the art, team oriented mission game. It is like paintball without the paint. It is also like indoor laser tag without the restrictions of four walls or the need to travel. Each player has an infrared “tagger” and a sensor headband. Each team tries to complete their mission against another team.

Is there an age restriction?
We ask that all participant be at least 8 years old to play. Otherwise, it is fun for all ages, even adults. There is no gender restriction either. Girls and women love the excitement of outdoor laser tag. If you can carry a 4 pound tagger, you can play.

Is it safe?
The taggers shoot an infrared beam, similar to a TV remote. It can not harm you. No contact is permitted and we often employ a “six-foot rule”, where participants must maintain a distance of six feet. Each event is also fully supervised.

What should I wear?
Each participant should wear closed-toed shoes. If you plan on sliding on your knees, long pants are suggested. Otherwise, wear what is comfortable.

What equipment will I have to wear?
You will have a Velcro headband that will house the infrared sensors. It will fit over some hats. Each player will also carry a 4 lb. tagger. No burdensome vests or goggles required.

How many people can play at once?
Up to ten people can play at one time (five vs. five). More people than that and it becomes chaotic. You can have more people than ten at your party and we will rotate people in accordingly to make sure everyone gets ample playing time.

Can I only play outdoors?
You probably read that our taggers’ infrared laser beam can reach 700-1300 ft. and that it can be played at night. The great thing about our equipment is that the taggers can be adjusted for indoor play. The indoor space must be fairly large, big enough to set up a bunker field, however. Warehouses are a great place for indoor laser tag. We will survey the location to make sure it is suitable for a great party.

Why is there not a set fee for a party?
We pride ourselves in being different from a “cookie-cutter” type party. We want your experience to be the best and most memorable party you have ever had. That is why we get as much information from you as possible before we quote you a price. We will tailor it to you so that you get your money’s worth.

How do I pay?
We will take cash or check for your balance at the time of the party. We do not have the capability of accepting credit cards on site. To eliminate the possibility of bad checks, we would prefer that you plan ahead and pay in cash.

Download and complete this waiver and bring it to your event.