mobile laser pursuit
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Laser tag that comes to you!

Birthday Parties
The hottest new birthday party idea around. Boys or girls ages 8 and up will have a blast having a laser party at their house! Be the coolest kid in your class or on your ball team.

Church Groups
The perfect event for any church group. Youth groups, men’s clubs, women’s groups. Any age or gender will enjoy laser tag! A great idea for fundraising at your next church event.

School Groups
School’s out parties, graduations, celebrations, team building. We can bring it to your school!

Corporate Event
Ideal for the company picnic or Christmas Party. Also great for employee/customer appreciation gatherings. What a great way to tell your employees “Thank you for what you do”. Play in the parking lot, lawn or in the warehouse!

Corporate Teambuilding
Many great ways to promote teambuilding while having a blast. Your employees will remember this event and learn about working as a team in a combat simulation environment. Find out who the leaders are, who the team players are, and who works well with whom. It also gives employees a chance to shoot the “boss”!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
What a great way to create lasting memories of your wedding party! An awesome way to help the out of town wedding party guests to get to know everyone. A great start to a memorable wedding weekend.

Social Organizations and Clubs
Sororities and Fraternities, use this at “rush” and you will be remembered at pledge time. Great for any event at the frat house, or anywhere on campus. Any social club would love this as a compliment to any event, like a cookout or fundraiser. Singles groups, couples, business network organizations, political groups, you name it. Mobile Laser Pursuit is for all ages!

Team Sports
Celebrate your great (or not so great) sports year with a mobile laser tag party. Your players will look forward to next season just for the party at the end of the year!

This is a fantastic and fun way to raise money for your school, club, church or charity. Mobile Laser Pursuit will work with you to find creative ways to make money for your cause.

Family Reunions
You can get to know your relatives and build unity in a fun and strategic way. Aim and fire and your goofy uncle or your embarrassing aunt!