Mobile Laser Pursuit
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laser tag gun

Mobile Laser Pursuit uses state of the art, smart laser guns, or “taggers”. These taggers weigh around 4 pounds and have a range of 700 ft. in bright sunlight, 1000 ft. in lower light and 1300 ft. at night. That’s over 4 football fields long! The guns can also be set for beginner or advanced play, or anywhere in between.

700-1300 ft. range depending on weather
Automatic, semi-automatic or burst mode
Shield Mode
Near-miss mode
Individual scoring
Friendly fire off/on
Individual tagger names
Many more features

Safety Features:
Mobile Laser Pursuit taggers “shoot” an infrared beam of light, similar to a t.v. remote. The guns are safe for all ages. No goggles, heavy vests or body gear needed. No paint or bruise from paintballs either.

Mobile Laser Pursuit will come to your location and set up inflatable bunkers, similar to a paintball field. The bunkers are lightweight and safe. All we need is an electrical outlet nearby to inflate the bunkers!